As the title of my blog says, this is a blog about FoodFunLifestyle. However I am aware that there have only really been food blogs so far. But I promise that as the new school year comes in, that I will do more lifestyle blogs.

My Village Cafe

I went to My Village Cafe in Camden for some food. This is what I got! 

The first thing I ordered was the My Village Meal. This contains mixed salad, biryani rice (brown rice), Fareek (smoked green wheat, brown wheat,sunflower seed, pumpkin seed) boiled and fried aubergine, vine leaves and three types of dressing (yogurt,  basil and rosemary).

It was slightly more expensive than I imagined but I didn’t mind because it looked very nice and both me and my mum were sharing it. I chose to get the vegan option.

Aesthetically this was very pleasing because of the way the rice was placed and the colour. I almost didn’t want to eat it as that would ruin the looks.

This meal was very nice however I wasn’t too keen on the sauces and neither was I keen on the aubergine. It tasted quite different and definitely was something you’d have to get used to. My favourite thing by far was definitely the rices. Both were really nice as they had seeds and were extremely aromatic too!

I ordered a sparkling water as my drink. I know not many people are fans of sparkling water but I’m strange and I like it!

I was then given a free bowl of soup by the lady. This was delicious, it was tomatoey and the vegetables were nice too. It had chickpeas and onions etc. My mum said that this was the best part of the meal for her. We both loved the little pot that it was served in. How cute!

I would definitely recommend ‘My Village Cafe’ for vegan or vegetarian meals. What I love about  it is that it is so original.Everything is really beautiful there, the chairs and tables are all second hand and it is a really lovely place to sit. Right outside the Camden stables  so you can see all the interesting sights without being in the crowds and noise. To see the inside of the store click here.(I would recommend you to look. It’s quite amazing particularly at night!)

Check out their website: http://myvillagecafebar.co.uk/menu.html



Quick Veggie Lunch

I went to Brent Cross and while my friends went to McDonald’s, I took a trip downstairs to the Marks&Spencer’s food hall . There were a few reduced items so I took the chance and brought some lunch.

NOTE: Unfortunately I cannot find a picture of the exact salad that I got. Here’s one that looks very similar.   (Mine had apples and a lovely ginger, chilli sauce).

Image result for edamame and apple marks and spencers

Photo credit to M&S

This salad was extremely nice. The vegetables were crunchy and fresh, however the sauce really put the salad together. The sweetness of the apples  really went well (oddly) with the chilli and ginger.

Credit to Georgina Luck

I then  had a Super Berry Smoothie.This was so sweet and because it had been in the fridge all day, it was so refreshing after a warm day. This has I think one of your five a day, which is so great because it is good for you and delicious. (I am however aware that shop brought smoothies are still a treat because they are probably packed with sugar, so not good for your teeth!)But still absolutely great, and better for you than a bottle of coke!

Image result for m&s mango pieces

Source Unknown

Next, I had a box of mango pieces. I’m a huge fan of fruit but I very rarely have mango (quite frankly I find it a bit expensive) so this was a lovely treat. The mango was sweet but also had a bit of a bitter undertone which I loved as I adore bitter lemons, etc. It smelt and tasted divine!

This was a delicious improved lunch and was surprisingly filling.

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I’ve decided to do a very quick Q&A. There are only a few questions here but I will answer some more another time.

  1. Zodiac sign? Leo/Virgo cusp (meaning that I was born on a day where the sun was moving from one zodiac to another)
  2. 3 Fears? I’m not someone with a lot of fears. Apart from perhaps ghosts, the only thing I can think of is rats/mice. I HATE THEM.
  3. 3 things I love? My family and friends (of course), Harry Potter and the internet.
  4. Last song listened to? Fools by Troye Sivan.
  5. My current relationship status? Single AF
  6. 3 things that annoy me easily? Hearing people chew loudly, rudeness and people who talk over me.
  7. One thing that’s worrying me right now? Exams.
  8. Favourite movie? Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
  9. Where do you live? London, England.

Morrison’s Porridge and Fruit

Me and my family went to Morrison’s to get some shopping, but before we went, we decided to get some lunch. I hadn’t had any breakfast, so I was absolutely starving. However they didn’t have any healthy, vegetarian foods that would fill me up so I chose the ‘Porridge with fresh fruit’. This was delicious. The fruit was absolutely beautiful, it was juicy and sweet, and the jam really added to the taste of the porridge.

But I needed something more, something to give me an extra energy boost. And that’s when I thought BANANA! As you probably know,bananas are rammed with potassium. So I cut it up and spread it around the plate. I thought that this really added to the appearance of the porridge.

Another great thing about this porridge is that the oats and bananas release energy slowly, meaning that you get a steady amount of energy through the day, without the crash.

Overall, I would really recommend that if you go to Morrison’s that you would purchase this from the cafe but definitely buy some fresh fruit of your choice to go alongside it!