Morrison’s Porridge and Fruit

Me and my family went to Morrison’s to get some shopping, but before we went, we decided to get some lunch. I hadn’t had any breakfast, so I was absolutely starving. However they didn’t have any healthy, vegetarian foods that would fill me up so I chose the ‘Porridge with fresh fruit’. This was delicious. The fruit was absolutely beautiful, it was juicy and sweet, and the jam really added to the taste of the porridge.

But I needed something more, something to give me an extra energy boost. And that’s when I thought BANANA! As you probably know,bananas are rammed with potassium. So I cut it up and spread it around the plate. I thought that this really added to the appearance of the porridge.

Another great thing about this porridge is that the oats and bananas release energy slowly, meaning that you get a steady amount of energy through the day, without the crash.

Overall, I would really recommend that if you go to Morrison’s that you would purchase this from the cafe but definitely buy some fresh fruit of your choice to go alongside it!


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