Quick Veggie Lunch

I went to Brent Cross and while my friends went to McDonald’s, I took a trip downstairs to the Marks&Spencer’s food hall . There were a few reduced items so I took the chance and brought some lunch.

NOTE: Unfortunately I cannot find a picture of the exact salad that I got. Here’s one that looks very similar.   (Mine had apples and a lovely ginger, chilli sauce).

Image result for edamame and apple marks and spencers

Photo credit to M&S

This salad was extremely nice. The vegetables were crunchy and fresh, however the sauce really put the salad together. The sweetness of the apples  really went well (oddly) with the chilli and ginger.

Credit to Georgina Luck

I then  had a Super Berry Smoothie.This was so sweet and because it had been in the fridge all day, it was so refreshing after a warm day. This has I think one of your five a day, which is so great because it is good for you and delicious. (I am however aware that shop brought smoothies are still a treat because they are probably packed with sugar, so not good for your teeth!)But still absolutely great, and better for you than a bottle of coke!

Image result for m&s mango pieces

Source Unknown

Next, I had a box of mango pieces. I’m a huge fan of fruit but I very rarely have mango (quite frankly I find it a bit expensive) so this was a lovely treat. The mango was sweet but also had a bit of a bitter undertone which I loved as I adore bitter lemons, etc. It smelt and tasted divine!

This was a delicious improved lunch and was surprisingly filling.

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