As the title of my blog says, this is a blog about FoodFunLifestyle. However I am aware that there have only really been food blogs so far. But I promise that as the new school year comes in, that I will do more lifestyle blogs.


My Village Cafe

I went to My Village Cafe in Camden for some food. This is what I got! 

The first thing I ordered was the My Village Meal. This contains mixed salad, biryani rice (brown rice), Fareek (smoked green wheat, brown wheat,sunflower seed, pumpkin seed) boiled and fried aubergine, vine leaves and three types of dressing (yogurt,  basil and rosemary).

It was slightly more expensive than I imagined but I didn’t mind because it looked very nice and both me and my mum were sharing it. I chose to get the vegan option.

Aesthetically this was very pleasing because of the way the rice was placed and the colour. I almost didn’t want to eat it as that would ruin the looks.

This meal was very nice however I wasn’t too keen on the sauces and neither was I keen on the aubergine. It tasted quite different and definitely was something you’d have to get used to. My favourite thing by far was definitely the rices. Both were really nice as they had seeds and were extremely aromatic too!

I ordered a sparkling water as my drink. I know not many people are fans of sparkling water but I’m strange and I like it!

I was then given a free bowl of soup by the lady. This was delicious, it was tomatoey and the vegetables were nice too. It had chickpeas and onions etc. My mum said that this was the best part of the meal for her. We both loved the little pot that it was served in. How cute!

I would definitely recommend ‘My Village Cafe’ for vegan or vegetarian meals. What I love about  it is that it is so original.Everything is really beautiful there, the chairs and tables are all second hand and it is a really lovely place to sit. Right outside the Camden stables  so you can see all the interesting sights without being in the crowds and noise. To see the inside of the store click here.(I would recommend you to look. It’s quite amazing particularly at night!)

Check out their website: http://myvillagecafebar.co.uk/menu.html